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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crazy Exciting Stuff!! =D

Hello!  So sorry I've been gone for a while.  I've been super busy!  Finished one wholesale and working on 2 more! I'm sooo excited though!  I'm going to be featured on Heartsy on June 20th!  So this week I'm stock piling lots of owls!  And I'm going to be offering lots of new colors.  =)  I mean lots!  Also new this week, new bibs & burp cloths, cubes!  Including an owlphabet cube!, more jingle balls, and even some Rattling Blanket buddies!  If you haven't seen those yet check my fb page!  =D  Super cute!  Also I'm working on more lovey blankets and even some snuggle blankets, I recently figured out how to use satin blanket binding!  It looks so awesome!

Also!  I reached 200 sales over the weekend!  I can't believe it!  All because of an idea I had......

Well, have a wonderful night!  I will post more about a giveaway in the next few days!!  =D

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