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Friday, May 20, 2011

My Crazy Life

As I sit here tonight, I have to ask, does anyone else think that time goes by way too fast?  I feel as though the last few days have just flown by..... My hope was to put my shop on vacation for two weeks so I could finally make some new items!  But, I have 4 wholesale orders to complete first....

My motivation has flown the coop..... I took a day to veg, bad idea.... I have a strange pain in my left arm that wont go away....Makes it hard to want to sew like that.  I need to find a rhythm to juggle 3 kids, a hubby, and my business.  There have been quite a few days that I say, I need a job....I need to go back....But uh, HELLO! I'm doing what I love!  I just get bogged down by making the same thing over and over and over.....

So my solution is simple!  Sorta.... I closed shop so I could reorganize and stock pile.  No more made to order. Just ready made!  I'm going to spend a lot of time taking new photos next week and relisting.  Should I relist after the two weeks is over or open back up??  I don't want a ton of orders coming in while I'm working on new stuff, that's why I closed.  I have to finish this one wholesale order that I'm working on now, then the next few are a lot more simpler... And shouldn't take too long I hope.  I changed my graphics!  Let me know what you think!  I'm happy with them!  I have matching ones for all my shops now!  =)  

Yes, I have 3 shops!  I will put links to the other 2 once I put items in those!  One is a gift shop, with gift baskets and items for new babies and parents!  The other is like a supply shop, I am getting rid of a ton of craft supplies I never use and are taking up about 1/4 of my storage unit!  Those items may be going up as soon as next weekend!  Please let me know what you would think are essential items a new baby or new mommy would need/want.  I want to make sure my gift baskets are full of useful things!  =D  I've sold a few off line, worth $50, which included burp cloths, a bib, a tag blanket, a crinkle toy, and a hat.  I'm thinking of starting to sell embroidered onesies too, might be cute!  Please let me know what your ideas are!

That is all for now, I must hit the hay as they say....lots to do tomorrow!!  


  1. I hear ya, time goes by SO FAST! It's just all about finding a rhythm that works (something we're all looking for).

  2. Mo you are amazing. Just set aside time each day for each party of your life! and if you need help just call me.
    I think you should put your crinkle owl design on a onsie...minus the crinkle. that would be pretty cute. let me know if you need anything!